The Move

Backed out of hibernation

It's all still there!

On the trailer

I'm hanging on!

In its new home


Everything installed

The Parts Box (needs mounting)

It works!

Gunning it a little

14" Snowflake Alloys installed with tires

My new wheels

The headliner, completed:

The old sunroof headliner material


The completed sunroof panel

More of the headliner

More pics of the headliner:

The left C-Pillar.

The Right C-Pillar, uncovered

Progress through the hatch

The right C-Pillar, covered

More progress through the hatch

Down through the sunroof, before gluing

Up through the sunroof, before gluing

The Headliner!

The material and the headliner board

The material is installed

Installed in the car

trimmed and glued

and some more trimming and gluing.

I finally broke out the pressurewasher for the transmission:

Cleaner 5-speed

Here's my carpet shampooing samples:

The carpet before...

...and after.

My disgusting greasy tranny with a clean spot

The front end is done

It's finally riding level again!


Front end repair

Old Brakes...

New Brakes...

The old and new ball joints

Front Struts

I wonder if these are lowering springs?

Brake replacement



Rear Strut installation

The New Parts

Comparing the old and the new

The engine runs!

Here's the engine, completely reassembled

Here's the engine again, at an angle

And here's a shot that shows I have a long way to go.

Here's the engine with the waterpump and hoses installed

Here's another current picture of the engine (10/5/03)

Here's a current picture of the engine (8/24/03).

Here's some updated photos of my motor mount, head studs, and seals:

Here's the new head studs installed.

Here's my motor mount bracket, freshly painted.

Here's the intermediate shaft seal, all installed (minus the motor mount bracket)

The motor mount is installed in the car.

New seals in the head

More clean spots!

Picture of the front of the head (which I haven't cleaned at all yet)

Picture of the back of the head (which I have cleaned)

Progress on the firewall

Oh, my god! A clean spot!!

Head being cleaned

Here's the pictures of the engine with the head removed. You can see the spot where it was leaking in between cylinders 3 and 4.

Engine with no head

2nd engine with no head

The head and manifolds

Here's some pictures of the various parts that I've picked up over the last few months.

GTI Snowflake Wheels

New Dashboard

Various interior parts

Here's the engine after removing the timing belt, as of 2/23/02

Here's the picture of the offending crank bolt.

Here's the picture of the car while trying to remove that crank bolt.

Here's some pictures of our work replacing the injection pump. The pictures are kinda blurry, but they give the general idea. This is with the new/used pump installed. Notice, the various engine components are still disassembled.

Engine shot with new/used injection pump (that doesn't work)

Wide engine shot with new/used pump installed

Here's a picture of my "new" in dash CD player (It's a 4 year old Pioneer)

In Dash CD

Here are some engine pictures, as well as one of the car from a distance. I've also taken a picture of the replacement fuel injection pump that is going to replace the leaky one that's in there.

The engine as it sits right now

The oil filled coolant expansion tank

The leaky fuel injection pump

The replacement injection pump, still uninstalled

The car, still in the garage

Here is a picture of my new tachometer install. It doesn't work yet, but you can see that it installed perfectly, and the guages all work properly.

In dash Tachometer

These are some of the pictures that I took long ago when I owned the car before. The first one is back in 1992. The picture isn't the greatest, but you can see in it that the paint was really in good shape back then. The second is also in 1992, when my wifey and I took a trip down to New Mexico. Don't you hate it when you lose those little center caps? Note, the car looks like it's going to take off due to the really weak shocks in the rear.

Picture from 1992

Picture from New Mexico trip with the missing center cap

When I got the car again in July 1999, I snapped two pics of the car in its present condition. The first one is the exterior shot, and the second is the interior shot. The pictures really hide all of the grime pretty well. In the interior shot, you can see the steering wheel is almost black, and the seat covers that were in it were coming off.

Outside picture from when I got the car

Interior shot of the car when I got it

The engine on this car is in really decent shape considering the mileage on the car. Both the valve cover gasket and the oil pan gasket leak oil like crazy. The Motor mounts don't minimize any vibration (makes for a pretty LOUD RIDE!). However, the ring job I did on the car while I was in college is still holding up. Compression is good, and on the first tank of diesel I ran through it, I ended up with 44 MPG. Not bad for an old timer! Here are some pics of the engine :

Picture of the diesel engine

Engine from the drivers side

Engine from the passenger side

I've had a couple of scrapes in this thing before. The first was pulling out of a shopping center parking lot onto a Main Highway. The person behind me in a little pickup thought I had already pulled out of the lot, and proceded to go. He didn't hit me too hard, but his bumper slid right over mine, and smashed up the sheetmetal pretty good in the passenger side rear. I whacked out the dent with a hammer as best I could. The other dent was a surprise when I came out of a store. Someone hit the car and left.

Damage to the rear passenger corner

Damage to the rear driver fender

The interior of the car was pretty well shot when I got it back. The headliner was falling out around my ears. I pulled it out since it was dirty and torn up. The dash is in decent shape, though it has a crack above the radio. And the hatch had mud in the spare tire well. Water has been leaking back there for some time now. I pulled everything out of the hatch, and cleaned all the dirt out. There is some surface rust back there that needs to be dealt with, and lots of scratches. Also, the seats are pretty well ripped to shreds. Everyone loves all the UV rays...

A shot of the interior from the passenger side

And the torn up seats...

The Dash

Ripped out headliner

A look through the hatch

And here's some shots of the outside of the car. You've gotta love the peeling paint, smashed up grill, and the high ride in the front! There is a lot to do on the outside of this beast, but it'll have to wait until all the broken things under the hood and behind the wheels are all fixed. Enjoy!

Outside of the car, from the front drivers side

Outside of the car, from the rear drivers side

Another shot from the passenger rear

And the passenger front

Directly from the front

The side of the car

And the back

More to come...